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About Us


Melig Business Solutions, LLC is a family owned and operated small business based in a rural town called Atascosa, southwest of San Antonio Texas. Hablamos español y estamos preparados para ayudarles a ustedes con sus impuestos individuales, especiales, y de negocios. ¡Para más información o para hacer una cita, envíanos un mensaje electrónico y les responderé lo más pronto posible!

My name is Selah Melig, I am the creator and operator of our tax preparation firm. Getting to know your tax-preparer and advisor is a vital step to building trust and weighing in whether or not you want to work with my team and I versus another tax-preparer. Ultimately, a tax-consultant and preparer should be knowledgeable about taxes, tax law, and the proper application of these laws to your individual and business needs.  Another important aspect to building a relationship with you is to be able to mesh well with your personality and business ethic and style. My vision is to build a great working relationship with you and work in tandem so that we can constructively help grow your business and push your money in the direction you want it to go by being proactive with your tax needs for both your personal and business taxes.


In house safe file storage

Bringing business owners financial peace of mind with skill and knowledge while providing cost effective bookkeeping services.

Tax Consulting

Bringing you top value

We understand the importance of well organised tax accounting. We get the most out of it and keep following all the changes in the law all year long.

The following paragraphs are a glimpse into my life so that you can understand where I come from and who I am in order to see if I would be a good fit for your business style and work ethic.

I began my educational and professional journey at Northwest Vista College of San Antonio at the age of 16. I know that sounds like an error, but thankfully, I had the opportunity to begin an advanced education earlier than most because I because I was home-schooled from the 6th grade through the 12th grade. This gave me the option to take duel credit courses to satisfy both high school and college requirements. I graduated with my general associates and then continued on to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northcentral University in Arizona online while working full-time at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch for nearly two years as a front desk agent and also a recreation assistant. Later on that year I also worked in human resources for Sea World of San Antonio. Working in the hospitality industry prepared me to work in Human Recourses as an interviewer and department liaison because multi-tasking and keeping accurate employment and job requisite records was paramount along with building great communication with department supervisors to fulfil their employment needs with worthy personnel. After about a year in HR, I also had finally completed my bachelor’s degree. I decided to push on with my education in 2009 because of the market crash of 2008. The market crash stunted the possibility I had for growth at my career, and while I was interviewing for work in my field of study I saw that many industries, both private and governmental, were in a hiring freeze.

Thankfully, I was accepted into the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Since I had a high GPA I was also selected for a special scholarship and was offered a paid position in the Criminal Justice department as a graduate instructional assistant. During the two-year master program at Texas State I worked under Dr. Pablo Martinez (now retired) and did original research with him and other professors regarding south-end border crime issues and the effective measurement of child day-care facilities compliance with child-care laws. I also co-taught undergraduate level classes and graded all the coursework from crime-theory and advanced statistic classes supervised by Dr. Martinez.

I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 2011, at 24 years old. That same year I got married to Joe Melig, IV and began applying for work across the field of criminal justice in both federal, state, and local positions. While I did this, I worked full time at CBG, the Benefit Group, a small business that coordinated and brokered health and life insurances deals for their clients that were large local businesses/ education districts in San Antonio, TX. I advised people on their health insurance, and guided them to make decisions on what benefited them according to their income, family size, and health needs.  After work, I would come home and submit endless applications to different positions in the criminal justice field. After about two years, 300 applications, 10 employment exams, and 20 interviews I finally realized and accepted that perhaps the criminal justice field wasn’t as forthcoming as they advertised to wanting to hire more women.  Following up my suspicions, I contacted the other women that had been in my graduating class, as it turns out, none of them had found work in the criminal justice field either, so they all continued on with their doctorate degrees or their law degrees in order to bide their time until either the market place would pick up and hire more women, or they would find something to get them by.

I had to learn to swallow my pride at this point in my life. I have always been a hard worker, and always worked and went to college and university full time in tandem of being employed full time. I had broken barriers in my family as a first-generation immigrant, being an educated Hispanic woman, the first woman of my family to push on and get a master degree. I had to set it all aside and just focus on finding a job where I could apply my knowledge and grow in. I removed all my educational titles and applied at the hiring agency Adecco. There, they found a position in the National Investment Center with Citi bank for me, where I would become a temporary employee. I began with mail sorting for the small department, it allowed me to learn their system and navigate it. When I showed proficiency at mail sorting, they moved me up to task management and assignment. When they saw that I was good at that they trained me in One Source: Anti-money Laundering investigations for investors wanting to invest over $1 Million in cash, or foreign investors investing $10 Thousand or more into the American marketplace. I found my niche, and soon I was knocking on the door to become a full-time employee with benefits. There was just one problem: I was no longer able to hide my pregnancy, and when it came time to deliver my baby, the offer for employment with benefits was off the table, however I was more than welcome to continue as a temporary employee.

If you’re still reading, I commend you, because when I get to this point in my story I usually want to just skip over to the good parts. My story is one of one obstacle in my career to another and another. In summary, I didn’t go back to Citi after I had my first baby, who we endearingly named Ivy. I decided to hit the books hard, got an alternative teaching certification for Early Childhood-6th grade, with a bilingual certification as well. ¡Si, tenlo por seguro que hablo el idioma y puedo ayudarles en español también! I taught for a year as a bilingual teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade and then had my second daughter, Alitza.

It was during this time that I decided to take a sabbatical in my career pursuits and help my husband Joe start his own business alongside of his business partner Esaul: 2M Smokehouse, a BBQ restaurant that they decided to finally kick off their dream list and make it into a reality.  They became partners and I became their office manager; they needed a business entity created, so I put in the paperwork on there behalf and now they are 2M Smokehouse, LLC. They did all the hard work at the restaurant, living there for over a year, and I did all the office end of the business, including taxes from the home office. I was working for myself, had time to spend with my sweet babies, and managed to stay on top of all of the needs of the business, with time to spare.

I would have never thought to create my own tax business had my husband never taken the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. He left his job at Southwest Research where he had just completed 10 years of service, and jumped in to starting his business partnership. As his success and his business began growing, I began to grow as well. I began to grow confident in myself as their tax consultant and preparer because I was learning all about what it took to run a business and manage the office and tax end of the business. Then, a few years down the line I realized that I could create my own opportunity by becoming an entrepreneur myself and creating a tax business that would offer the same help to small businesses that I offered my husband and his partner’s business. Comprehensive and holistic business tax advice and preparation with a focus to help you get your business where you want it to go and take control of your business instead of having it control you.

This is when the idea struck me, “Why not do this for a living? You enjoy it, you have the time for it, and you love helping people! Its perfect!”

I genuinely understand now why all the other doors and career paths I walked didn’t work out; they were all stepping stones to allow me the experience and knowledge I needed to get to this point in my life. Now I am at a point where I can compile everything I’ve learned and experienced to help small businesses tackle all their needs, from the point of complicated tax issues that need resolutions, to trying to get a human resources perspective on how to handle employees or contract workers, to getting a benefits package together to offer to their employees, even the simple task of organized and concise book keeping.

I’m here to help you in whatever facet you need, and while taxes are the bread and butter of my business, I’m here to assist you and your business needs in whatever ways I can. My goal is to see you succeed, to see your business grow, and to do my best to empower you along the way. My name is Selah Melig, and I would be honored to be your tax adviser, preparer, HR consultant, and professional working friend.

My team is small but ready to grow, we work independently and cohesively towards the goal of serving your business’s needs. My team currently consists of my family and I.