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Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting in the San Antonio Area

If you have taken a brief look at the number of pages in the instructions for the 1040 form, you know it has over 200 pages requesting various forms of paperwork, information, and calculations! Some daring individuals may make the mistake of attempting to individually tackle every last page on that form in an effort to try to save themselves the effort of finding and hiring a professional tax consultant. Considering there are 200+ pages to cover and not everybody has had the pleasure of learning the rigorous art of taxes, individuals are expected to come across an issue within those pages and will have no guidance other than countless hours searching “how to…” questions on search engines hoping for the right page that will solve your exact issue. Wouldn’t you rather delegate this long, stressful, and complicated task to the friendly, professional, and experienced professionals at Melig so that you can depend on them getting your taxes done sooner and accurately?

As a business owner, you must know that we’re not just talking about a single day of frustration with filing taxes once a year. You will have a wide range of taxes to file ranging from sales taxes all the way to occupancy taxes! Not only will successful business owners need to worry about the multiple types of taxes there are, but you will also need to file those taxes multiple times throughout the year! You’ll need to pay whatever required taxes, prepare tax documentation for your employees, and face every other task that comes your way. Of course, your accountant probably takes care of those taxes for you, but will they singlehandedly organize, file, and record all your documents and taxes for you? Instead of overwhelming an accountant, contact us for your business state tax returns, including annual, quarterly, bi-weekly, and monthly payroll tax returns. Not only will we handle this hassle for you but we also refer your business to financial advisors that will begin the process of creating retirement and investment accounts. When you’re working with us, you will be able to maximize your profit while meeting all tax law standards.

Of course, you don’t have to have a business to pay taxes, which is why we also take care of simple tax returns, ideal for dependents who have summer jobs or for people who make $0-14K per year and don’t have any deductions. We also help with major deductions tax returns for working parents and head of household individuals who make more than $14K per year, as well as self-employed tax returns for all self-employment situations such as self-proprietors, married self-employed partners, multiple member partnerships, C-corp, S-Corp, LLC members, PLLC members, and other self-employed tax situations.

Regardless of the tax assistance you need, we will apply the same commitment and expertise to every situation. Trust our professionals as they personalize your solutions to your specific situation. Our mission is to minimize your tax liability as much as possible within the realms of ethical and moral standards.